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Health & Safety Policy Statement

TKC recognise that health and safety is an integral part of good business practice. We accept a prime duty to safeguard the health and safety of all employees at work and others affected by our activities. We aim to apply the highest industry standards of safety management in response to this duty.

TKC endorse the Government led initiative to improve the construction industry’s poor safety record, particularly through the good practice demanded by the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations and further by adopting a project team approach to safety management.

TKC has a formal Health and Safety Policy in place and accessible to all staff members.We also employ a full time Health & Safety Advisor.

Each member of the Practice has worked previously within larger companies where health and safety was a high profile issue and as such we have attempted from inception to operate with H&S clearly in mind.

The design office within our building contains a hard copy of the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2007 so that all our engineering staff have access to the current H&S Regulations. We clearly display within our office the Health & Safety Law Notice, as published by the Health and Safety Executive and we have a designated Director responsible for Management of H&S, ie James Culbertson. His name is clearly detailed on the notice and all staff are aware of his role and responsibility.

Safety within the office is also recognised and we have a fully stocked British Standard first aid kit and also a formal accident record book. To date, we have no accidents logged.

Each member of staff has undertaken H&S induction courses on previous building sites and although not directly applicable to our office based activities, again demonstrates an understanding of the need to work safely, irrespective of location.


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